The Cyclone Release, a novel of Silicon Valley, is a realistic story of love, loss, mystery, and multi-cultural exploration.


The Cyclone Release

A Novel


Chapter 1

Late on that first day Brendon Meagher started working on the Cyclone Release, he sat alone in his spartan cubicle searching through the system, finally unearthing the list of hyperlinks that would show him what all the hype was about.

He thought of Sadie, dismissed the thought again, and clicked the last hyperlink on his screen. A window opened, showing him a splash page that hundreds of people had seen by then—the engineers who had built it, the capitalists who had funded it, the customers who had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy it, and now Brendon.

This first look at it stopped him, and after a long moment’s gaze at the screen, he turned for no reason to see if anyone was watching. There was no one there, of course, so he turned back to his screen.

Few outside the tech business would understand the beauty of this splash page, just a few action buttons there, arranged in the shape of a wave:

Create. Submit. Review. Approve. Announce.

It was a dry business process transformed into something comfortable, each button glowing gently as you slid your mouse over. What am I doing here? he thought. He was a technical writer, an interpreter of complex systems, but this thing was as simple as an ATM. What could they possibly need a technical writer for?

He glanced around the cubicle, feeling the urge to flee, until his eyes fell on his backpack. It had been six months since Sadie had been killed, and just days since he had dusted himself off and secured this job at Janela Software, an all-star of the internet boom. He had paused over the backpack this morning: What to put in it? A notebook and a pen to write with? Yeah. A couple of reference books? Sure. A picture of Sadie? No.